Wicker Park’s Got First Ever On-Street Bike Parking, Just Watch Out for the Speedbump!

Last evening, around the same time as the ComEd transformer power outage (more on this soon), affecting most of the streetlights on the 1500 block of North Milw. as well as a stretch of Damen extending to Big Star, The Pipeline was taking photographs of the newly installed bright orange WPB SSA#33 bicycle racks in front of the Flat Iron Building/Bank of America complex, when a bicyclist nearly wiped out, having skidded over the mini-speed-bump installed in front of the racks, which could possibly be temporary and related to the installation, we’re not sure.

The biker, pretty fit, was able to pick himself back up after falling against the curb, though it looked painful. Magid, of Ash’s Buck Town Smoke Shop, was standing nearby, and also witnessed the wipe out. “If you are writing a story about this, be sure to tell bikers to watch out for the speed bump!” he said.

Speed bumps aside, we think the new racks are very cool, and present a great boon for cyclists who have limited parking in the area– just check out this photo, right, of how bicyclists parked their wheels during Wicker Park fest for one example, though that’s an extreme one considering WPF is only once yearly and these WPB racks are intended for bicyclists who work in the neighborhood, shop and dine here, and just need a place to park.

Grid Chicago, a site devoted to sustainable transportation topics, has an in-depth story on these racks, so tune in over on Grid Chicago to read all about the racks, the first of their kind in the city, made possible through a partnership between the Special Service Area (SSA) #33/WPB, first Ward Alderman ‘Proco’ Joe Moreno, and CDOT Bicycle Parking Program Manager Christopher Gagnon.

There will be a ‘Bike Away from Work + Park ribbon-cutting later today (Fri. July 29) at 5PM, followed by refreshments and mingling at Francesca’s Forno. Further details on the WPB blog.