“Momentum Wild” Cycles into Jackson Junge Gallery

“What’s that you say? The weather is just right; it’s time to break out the bike in honor of Bike-to-Work Week?”

It’s also time to take in one of the most spectacular art exhibits featuring one of this city’s perennial favorites, biking, as interpreted in the paintings of the talented and imaginative Chicago artist Brian Morgan. Mr. Morgan’s visual feast, “Momentum Wild” The Art of Urban Cycling is a gorgeous body of work that stands strong next to his other well known, tinged with political satire pieces and will be featured at the Jackson Junge Gallery*July 15th-Aug 28th.

“I feel my bike paintings are very connected to Chicago,” says Morgan [in a press release]. “From the riders’ physical motion to their intense facial expressions there is an aura of ‘nothing can stop me.’ Like the city, my art has a rough edge.  I don’t produce ‘pretty’ art but it is real…blunt, raw and individual.”

An avid cyclist himself, the artist will be on-hand for the opening reception Friday, July 15th 6-9pm.

Don’t just ride, take part in the art of what keeps you happily mobile!

-Harris Bell

*Jackson Junge is a sponsor of The Pipeline’s Week Ahead listings