CeCe Suggests… Last minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Hey, last minute shoppers!  Are you like me and waited until the week before Halloween to pick out your costume?  Have n0 fear! DIY costume ideas are here!

I make mine a week before Halloween almost every year.  Not just because Party City is completely sold out of everything.  I’m sick of having to decide between nurse, Playboy bunny, and other degrading, unoriginal costumes that don’t even cover half of my body.

I’m also sick of showing up to a party and seeing someone from head to toe in the exact thing as me.  So, I’ve opted to put together my own costumes.  This is a guide to picking a character and putting together a costume that you friends will say “How the heck did she/he come up with that?” (in a good way…hopefully).

If you’ve got a handful of pins or tape and preferably an all black ensemble, you can use some household items to make an awesomely unique outfit. A couple packs of sponges pinned all over and an overly made up face, paired with an overly egotistically ‘tude, and you’ve got “Self Absorbed”. Another great costume I’ve seen before is bowls and boxes of cereal worn as hats or taped on the body, with a knife through the breakfast products, as a “Serial Killer”. You can also take the sex appeal out of being a “Pin Up Girl” by actually pinning up things on your shirt.

Celebrities are hugely popular every year. But don’t only be relevant. Be different! For the first “celebrity”, you’re going to need black face paint, black clothes, a black knitted cap, and an ipod. Instant iPod commercial, which is totally current since the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs. Another homage to his late, greatness is grabbing a buddy and going as “Mac Vs. PC”. Or stock up on glitter, white face paint, and fangs and go as one of the Twilight vampires. If you’re a guy, your hair has to be purposely gelled to resemble bed head. For the ladies, just stutter and act like you’re a terrible actress, ala Kristen Stewart! I have a feeling Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are going to be huge this season, for their bright hair, rainbow makeup and outrageous fashion sense make it seem like they celebrate Halloween all year round.

Couples costumes are either so original, you do a double take, or so adorable its nauseating. Keeping to the DIY style I mentioned first is “Milk and Cookies”, where all you need is to cover one partner in Chips Ahoy and the other has to make a cardboard milk carton. Unlike the Lady Gaga meat dress, this costume is delicious, cute, and doesn’t smell like rotting steak. Also, picking your favorite TV show and going as a couple from that show. Examples: Nucky and his mistress from “Boardwalk Empire”, Eric and Sookie from “True Blood”, or just pick up a couple of Harley Davidson vests and channel “Sons of Anarchy”. My absolute favorite couples costume is the “Marilyns” where the girl dresses as the fabulous Monroe, and the guy dresses as the uber-goth Manson. Just skip the M&Ms costumes, its in the nauseating category.

But if none of these ideas are to your fancy, just use the most basic rules of DIY. Use your resources and make it cheap. It doesn’t matter if the celebrity or public interest is current, just so long as its funny or original. And sometimes going for unique is better than the usual “girls in pretty much underwear” look. Plus chances are, no one will be dressed exactly like you! So have fun making your costumes, watch your drinks, eat lots of candy, and have a Happy All Hallow’s Eve!

-CeCe Sees aka Caitlin Carroll
About CeCe: CeCe, age 22, is a former Wicker Park thrift shop shop gal, and suburbanite, currently looking for new gigs in the restaurant or retail industry, preferably in Wicker Park so that she can move to the city soon and have even more fun working on pipeline stories! For the record, this Halloween CeCe will be attending two different parties and will be dressed differently for both, so if you see a sexy Hans Solo or Jessica from True Blood wandering around Berwyn, say “hi” to Cece!